Live on CTV News Edmonton

On March 28, 2014 I had the pleasure of visiting the CTV Edmonton studios for two reasons.

First, to watch the airing of a segment by Dez Melenka during CTV Edmonton’s News at 6 PM about my Miguelito’s Little Green Car project. And second, to surprise news anchor Carrie Doll with a photo for the project.

What was special about the photo is that, after many years with CTV News, Carrie Doll was retiring and that was her last broadcast. We surprised her by getting a photo of the car with her live, on-air.

You can watch the segment by clicking below or visiting the original CTV News Edmonton page

To see the full post visit Carrie Doll’s page on the Miguelito’s Little Green Car website.

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Many thanks to Dez, the entire team at CTV News Edmonton, and Carrie Doll and Daryl McIntyre for the photo and for telling the story of Miguelito’s Little Green Car!

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