Courtyard 365

Courtyard 365 Project

If an apple falls in a courtyard and no one is around to see it, does it matter?

Inspired by the if a tree falls in the forest thought experiment, I decided to document the life of an apple tree. Since May of 2011 I have used an intervalometer to take a photo of an apple tree every thirty minutes, twenty-four hours per day.

By the conclusion of the project I’ll have amassed over 15,000 photos of the apple tree in all its moods: hot and cold, light and dark, colorful and colorless, with and without associated life forms.

The project will be a documentation of a year in the life of an apple tree and the courtyard that sustains it.

So does it matter? Well, Courtyard 365 will conclude soon. Please check back soon for time-lapse video and work from this project and decide for yourself.

2013 UPDATE: The part of the project where I was collecting photos has concluded as of the end of October 2013. I’m now processing the photos working on the video.