About Me

“I am part of all that I have met.”

Lord Alfred Tennyson in Ulysses

Welcome to my world.


In my world… there is magic. The magic of both life and death, the magic of both love and loss, the magic of things both big and small, the magic of both the natural world and the constructed world, the magic of both the social realm and solitude. Mostly the magic of moments that take your breath away — because you’re open to that.

In my world… I am part documentarian, part pictorialist. At times I capture the world as it unfolds before my eyes. Other times I take the beauty before me and arrange it to my liking.

In my world… photography is part technical and part creative — but is mostly emotion.

In my world… I am a translator. I see and I feel and I translate those things into the vocabulary of photography.

In my world… I am a director. From out of the rushing stream of moments that we live each day, I pull out fractions of seconds as if to say “stop, stop, this here… right here… has merit.”

In my world… I am a spectator. I watch the world around me and provide social commentary through my work.

In my world… I am a photography generalist. By design. Life is vast and I want part of all of it. I believe that the more diverse my background the more experience I bring into any given type of photography.

In my world… photography is a way of life.

Welcome to my world.

Leroy Schulz

A few things about me

  • I have a degree in psychology and political science. No, I’m not a psychologist or a political scientist, but I do use my degree every day.
  • Spanish was my first language. Hola, que tal?
  • I’m thrilled to work with such terrific clients as Avenue Magazine, Alberta Tourism, Cenovus Energy, Grant MacEwan University, the University of Alberta, Queens University, the City of Edmonton, the Royal Alberta Museum, Mitsubishi City Chase, the United Nations Association in Canada and many others.
  • Among the publications that have published my work are Avenue Magazine, Advantage Magazine, Alberta Views Magazine, the Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal, Explore Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, Modern Dog Magazine, the Montreal Gazette, Western Living Magazine, the Vancouver Sun and many others.