Although my focus is primary still photography, some of my experiments with video are posted here.


Selected Imagery From The Canadian Rockies

A six minute slideshow introduction to my mountain landscape photography. Still in progress.

White Stripes Secret Concert in Edmonton

In 2007 I was one of the lucky few who managed to get into the White Stripes’ secret show in Edmonton. Here’s a small part of the video that I shot during that spectacular show. It’s been viewed over 56,000 57,000 times!

Daybreak on Mt. Babel

Here’s a thirty-five second 360-degree view from the summit of Mt. Babel in Banff National Park.

Palm Springs Wedding

Here’s a short time-lapse sequence of a sunset wedding I shot in Palm Springs.

F&M Concert Videos

Here are three videos by the very talented band F&M — who I’m happy to call friends.