Omni Television airs special report about Miguelito’s Little Green Car

On April 6, 2013, Omni Television News ran a “Special Report” about Miguelito’s Little Green Car, one of my personal photography projects.  The report was almost five minutes in length and aired in Mandarin across Canada. It’s gratifying to have more people across Canada find out about this project.

Miguelito’s Little Green Car is a long-term photography project for my nine year-old nephew meant to show that we are all connected.  You can view the project website at http://www.miguelitoslittlegreencar.com.  For an overview of the project see http://www.leroyschulz.com/2014/projects/miguelitos-little-green-car/.

Click the play button below to watch the segment.

For the link to the original, full broadcast see http://bcove.me/7lu2ylpm beginning at about 13:20.

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  1. Cleo Fletscher says:

    That beautiful couple sharing a kiss is my sister and brother in law on their 50th wedding anniversary! Congrats sis and BIL! Love you, Cleo and Ted

  2. lschulz says:

    It was wonderful to have be part of the journey of Miguelito’s Little Green Car, particularly on their 50th wedding anniversary! 🙂


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