One of my photos for Alberta Tourism in Vue Weekly

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of doing a number of photo shoots for Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, the ministry for the Province of Alberta that handles provincial parks, tourism, sport and recreation. Photos that I shoot for them are entered into an image bank which is made available to provincial government departments and associated partners.

Since the photos I shoot for them aren’t normally geared for specific campaigns from the onset, I don’t always know when the images are used. Once in a while I come across one of my photos in use.

That happened just last week as I was flipping through the May 15-22, 2013 issue of Vue Weekly, a popular Edmonton weekly newspaper. The Roadtrip Issue insert contains an ad by the Town of Hinton and Yellowhead County in partnership with Travel Alberta.

I shot the photo that you see above on the way to the Cardinal Divide outside the hamlet of Cadomin, Alberta. Below is how it appears in the ad.

Leroy Schulz Photography Blog-0273

If you’re a fan of the landscape of Jasper National Park, I recommend a visit to Hinton, Cadomin and the Cardinal Divide. It’s rugged, beautiful and through-and-through Albertan.

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